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Safest Surfaces For Kids To Play Sport On

In this article we will take a look at the various surface types that children in the UK use to play sport on, and analyse what we believe the best types are for your kids to use to improve their skills as they grow.

Common Surfacing That Kids Play On

Many youngsters love playing sport as they grow up pretty much anywhere they can, which resorts to many carrying out sporting activities on tarmacadam. The problem with this surface type of course is that it can potentially be very dangerous, as one bad trip or fall can lead to very serious and in some cases life threatening injuries.

In addition to this, many tarmacadam surfaces are not actually designed for the sport that kids intend to play on. Not only does this act as an inconvenience for the youth, but playing sports on an incorrect pitch/court can potentially be quite dangerous. Despite this, wev’e seen some pretty incredible trickshots from people playing football on a basketball court for example, just check out this effort!

Despite how cool trickshots are, a much safer alternative for kids to be enjoying their sport is a simple grass field, as falls and trips on such a surface are often a lot less serious than on a solid tarmacadam floor. Despite this, grass fields are not always accessible for youngsters and depending on where a family lives, there may not be a public field that they can access at all times. One advantage of kids playing on grass fields is the benefit it has for football, as many people believe that children utilising these large spaces to play footy helps to increase their participation in the sport throughout their lives and significantly improves grassroots football. To learn more regarding the Philosophy of grassroots football and what it does for the youth in England, check out the FA’s page on the matter here:

Play Surfaces and Their Benefits

Crucially then, the main objectives for parents/guardians are to find an area that is both safe for their children to use, and also designed for them to use regularly with no restrictions. Thankfully, there is a type of soft surfacing that is designed for kids to use and ensures that if a child were to have a fall on the surface, they are much less likely to have a serious injury then on both tarmacadam or grass.

This type of play surfaces is called Wet Pour. This surface type is considerably safer than tarmacadam since it is much softer to play sports on, and this drastically reduces the likelihood of accidental injuries through falls and trips. This means that colleges, nurseries and play areas across the country will be employing this brilliant product. There are many different companies that carry out a wide selection of products regarding EPDM rubber, which means that you can choose exactly what colour specification and design to choose from if you’re looking to have this flooring installed.

These surfaces have also been used for Play Area Surfacing due to their safety benefits.

These surfaces have also been used for Play Area Surfacing due to their safety benefits.

How Is This Flooring Fitted?

The surfacing will be constructed as part of a two level method, the 1st layer with the procedure is the SBR impact mat. A shockpad may reduce the potential harm that slipping over might lead to youngsters when playing on the surfacing. The final level will be the wet pour rubber surfacing which is set up above of the shockpad to accomplish the construction method. These types of surfaces are available in a selection of colours to make sure you receive the best style and design intended for an individual. These types of surface types may be fixed with design which brighten up the establishment while additionally educating them additional skills.

Upkeep makes sure that any kind of dirt and also contaminants on the flooring are removed to avoid these from causing problems. Jet spraying services make certain that debris in hard to reach places will be taken care of correctly. This surfacing was designed to always be entirely porous, which means water can go through the tiny holes in the surfacing to avoid any kind of floods. routine maintenance helps to ensure that these kinds of qualities aren’t affected, as contaminants may prevent these kind of pores from allowing liquid through. This might result in flooding during rainy months, making the flooring unusable. It could be also a possible risk as it can result in the establishment slippy leading to accidents. However if the facility is too affected for upkeep, there are repair services available to you.

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned more regarding the safety surfacing options for children!

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