One Team One Goal!

The Long and Fascinating History of Junior Football

Football is by far the world’s most popular sport. That’s due to various factors, such as the minimal equipment needed to play a match. There are also other factors that contribute to football’s popularity, including the excitement of playing it, and its role as an international sport. While football is extremely popular worldwide, it’s also popular on the junior level. Various countries throughout the world have junior football associations or junior football clubs. They help to develop young players into better adult players who can possibly compete on a professional level.  If youth players are vigilant in improving their games there’s always a chance they could be in the next Pele, Maradona, or Messi. Even if a youngster never reaches that goal, he or she can still benefit greatly from junior football.

junior_schools_soccerSeveral junior football associations and clubs exist throughout the world. One of the oldest and most renowned ones is the Scottish Junior Football Association (SJFA). Linked to the Scottish Football Association, the SJFA. The SJFA is rich in history, and was founded in 1886. The SJFA’s headquarters are located in Hampden Park, Glasgow. Another junior football association that existed was the Scottish Junior FA. Founded in 1880, it seems that the organization only existed for one season, from 1880-1881. The SJFA initially existed as different local associations throughout Scotland. After its formation it functioned as an umbrella for these various local junior associations. It also established the national cup competition known as the Scottish Junior Cup. The first three victors in the Scottish Junior Cup each joined the SFA.

Although not as old, junior football leagues have also existed in the UK and Australia for quite a while. These leagues include youth teams of several clubs. The top level of junior football includes the Premiere League and Football League, which contains 40 clubs. Each of the clubs contains four groups, and those four groups each consists of 10 teams. The second level of junior football in the UK is the Football League Youth Alliance, which in 1997 was founded. The league consists of almost 60 clubs today. In Australia there’s the Ballarat Football League (BFL), which consists of 10 junior football clubs. The BFL was established in 1893, and was originally known as the Ballarat Football Association. Other junior football associations and clubs also exist throughout the world.

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Some of today’s junior football players will later graduate to the senior football level. The junior football associations and clubs give them a chance to improve their football skills, and compete with other players their age. Junior football associations and clubs exist throughout the world. One of the oldest and most famous ones is the Scottish Junior Football Association (SJFA), which has been in existence since 1886. Junior football associations and clubs have also existed in other countries for quite a while, such as the UK and Australia. The Football League Youth Alliance in the UK was founded in 1997, and is made up of nearly 60 clubs. In Australia there are also junior football clubs in the BFL.